Travel & Accommodations

There are three airports in the area, National (DCA), Baltimore-Washington International (BWI), and Dulles (IAD).  All things being equal, we recommend flying into National because it's right on the Metro.  Still, if you get a good deal into BWI (and a cheap rental car) that's probably almost as convenient.  Dulles, however, should probably be a distant third choice for most people.

If you're coming to our wedding from out of town, a good lodging option is the Courtyard Silver Spring Downtown in Silver Spring, MD.  It's three blocks from the Metro, convenient to our house (3 Metro stops away or a 15 minute drive), a straight shot on the Metro to downtown DC, a short drive from our planned bowling night on Friday, a 40 minute drive from the Comus Inn, and there's lots to do in Silver Spring itself (with the AFI Silver Theatre, a Borders, a WholeFoods, another movie theater, tons of restaurants, etc. all within a few blocks of the hotel).  A number of our friends live nearby too.

Here's the link to the
reviews of this hotel on
 Tripadvisor, which will give a better picture of what to expect.  Obviously there are fancier options (or less fancy ones) for those who want them, but this seems pretty good.  Besides, if a lot of you stay at the same place, people can carpool to/from the wedding.  That would make the groom very happy.

There is a Pirate themed restaurant near the hotel. 
What more could you ask for!?
Click here for directions to the wedding venue at The Comus Inn.